The Witch in a New Christianity

Find her.

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In order to uncover, understand, or explore feminine sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality, we women (and brave-hearted men), must delve into the meaning of the word that has haunted us for many centuries: Witch.

I want to be clear that evil forces are real. Black magic, dark magic, evil omens, all of it is real. One can tap into voodoo or other dark energies and cause significant change and manifestation, all in an evil way that goes against the law of God, which is to embody and spread love, joy, and peace.

However, feminine sexual/sensual/spiritual energy is so misunderstood that any time we experience powerful feminine energy in tune with nature and spirit, we can become scared or judgmental due to our collective psychic cultural wound that suggests women’s feminine sexual energy is inherently wrong. We may label her, unconsciously or consciously, as witch, and be fearful of the power she can hold over us. The bad witch is real, just as the good witch is real. The bad witch is desirous of money, fame, status, revenge, vindictive behavior. The good witch is simply in tune with the nature of all things, operating as a channel in accordance with God.

Let me explain a little more, here, about what I mean when I say sexual.

I use the term “sexual” as sensual and feminine. I do not mean, necessarily, “having sex,” or the worldly understanding of what is sexy, which tends to align itself with pornography. I am referring to eros, to the erotic, to the ebb and flow of nature, to movement, color, vibrancy, vitality, and to fire.

We are so lost with regard to these matters because the foundation of our current cultural system is to divide or split women in half — to make women either sexual or pure.

We fail to acknowledge, psychically, that sexuality and purity can be at one. And that doesn’t mean “saving yourself for marriage” so your husband can own you or something.

Oh my God, the ridiculousness.

A sexual experience can be extremely pure and wholesome, as long as there is love, generosity, and deep trust. It is a mode of expression and communication of things not said or spoken, and God works there, regardless of how many partners someone has had.

The path of spiritual progress is to face shadows and explore them. It is to uncover the darkness within us and overcome it with light. This is work we must do if we wish to break karmic bonds and get closer to in-tunement and alignment with divine energy.

Many of us think we want that in-tunement with divine energy, but we really don’t. We want what we want. We want what we think is best, what we have been told, what sounds cool or clever in a moment before we lose heart.

The true path, the path of a yogi, or a priestess, or the good shepherd, is acknowledging all that lives inside of us, and owning it fully. It is holding fast to divine energy of light and wholesomeness at the same time as we reach our toes and fingertips out to explore our edges and see what is there. We must do this if we are going to break chains that tie us to old habits and patterns, both our own and the ones we were planted into, our soils of family, community, ancestral patterns, global atrocity.

This is why, when a woman is in tune with sexual energy, when she vibrates and pulsates with it in a true way, rather than an artificial, manufactured way — the-duck-face-tits-and-ass-look-at-my-hips-way — we have a deep recognition inside us of something true, ethereal, timeless. And our next reaction may be fear about whether it is “right” or “okay.” Because a woman owning her power in a sexually spiritual way is forbidden. It is Eve. It is Ishtar. It is Mary Magdalene. It is Aphrodite. It is Joan of Arc, it is Kali, it is Shiva, it is beyond bounds.

The fabric of our Judeo-Christian society is the division of a woman into two parts, and the ownership of that woman’s body.

(I promise you, if you journey hard enough and far enough, you will know this truth.)

This is how hierarchy is designed, as well as capitalism. And so a woman who is no longer divided, but embraces both of these elements inside her and in others, may be a scary thing to behold. She is, and was, cast out, marginalized, which made and makes her a perfect subject for Jesus to know and see and hear and work with.

Once that woman, in her darkness, knows how to hold the feminine and the light and what is true, she dances like an orb on the surface of the moon. She controls all things…kinda. She is magic.

Our world doesn’t know how to handle this (yet), and our inner demons will react in fear and call her a witch. Or better yet, hysterical. Sick. Crazy.

Truly, I tell you, she is the Magdalene, the priestess, the Egyptian goddess resurrected in our current times, to bring us back home to earth and love and light, to sitting around fires, to healing with our hands, to community, to oils and color and art and creative expression that purifies the soul.

If you are an amateur on this path, or you live shrouded with anxiety, if you cling to rigid dogma for egotistical elevation, or you are a person looking only for the robotic stimulus of attainment to get you through each day, this Woman will terrify you.

She lives in the realm of the Chosen Few.

If you want to learn more, I wrote a book that helps set the foundation for young women as spiritual leaders in a new age.

Purchase it here.

Blending the sacred and the sensual through art, yoga philosophy, commentary, and updated bible readings.

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